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National Book Award 2005 – 2015 had surpassed many obstacles and challenges in order to give recognition to the book industry. Although the idea to found the National Book Award begin in 1990, the foundation confronted with many obstacles and resistance from the local industry players as they were then very protective of their respective associations to maintain their own interests, without any regards to upgrade their professionalism.
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
Malaysia Book Expo which were held annually provides great opportunity for many local and international publishers, public and private education agencies including the beginners in the book publishing industry to showcase their latest publication titles and new products.
International Book Conference which were held every year in conjunction with the Malaysian Book Expo stands as a forum for the book industry players to discuss the challenges and futures of book industry, local and international level.
Strategic Partnership
National Book Development Foundation formed strategic partnership with various parties and stakeholders in the book industry in implementing its awareness and CSR Programs that continue to grow publishing interest among book industry players to change their mindset and modus operandi to the level of international standard.
The Foundation is looking forward to venture into more strategic partnership with interested parties in line with one of its core objectives to engage with collaborative effort in the research and development to the publishing industry and to promote literary works and cultural expressions locally and worldwide.
“Write A Book” and “Self-Publishing Campaign”
The current generation should be given the opportunity to write and publish their own book for the next generation. This is in line with the ideal target of having 200,000 book title published annually by year 2020, a criterion which is needed to achieve the status of a developed nation. With this agenda in mind, National Book Development Foundation continuously championing the Write-a-book & Self-publishing Campaign as part of its major efforts in facilitating the nation to achieve the truly developed nation status by the year 2020.
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
Targeted numbers of new book manuscript per person to achieve in the Write-a-book and Self-publishing Campaigns (Academic and reference book).
National and ASEAN Book Academy
Education will always become the most important element for a suitable developed nation to maintain the high performance of k-economy. In achieving that, National Book Development Foundation plays a vital role in providing the infrastructures and facilities needed by the writers as well as book publishers, existing and newbies, to enhance their book publishing capabilities by the setting up of Book Academy in Malaysia and ASEAN Countries which will offer international standard publishing and writing courses and master classes and workshop in editorial and layout designs for its trainees.
High Quality Publications
The National Book Development Foundation had always put a high standard in its publication line-up. It has pioneered the publication Encyclopaedia was well received by the Malaysia Government through purchase for the government libraries nationwide. Encyclopedia Malaysiana was indeed recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records as The First-Ever Published Encyclopedia of Malaysia, which level itself on par with the infamous Encyclopedia Britannica in the United Kingdom and Encyclopedia Americana of the United States of America in term of its publishing quality and contents.
Apart from that, the foundation has published Encyclopedia of Hansard which cater the need to have a documented minutes of parliamentary session accessible to the member of the public.
Other quality publications also includes Islamic Encyclopedia Malaysian Glosarry of Peribahasa Melayu and Sinonim (Glossary of Poets and Synonyms) and Kamus Melayu Global (Global Malay Dictionary) which preserved the rich culture of the Malay words and poets for the benefit of future generations.
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
National Book Development Foundation serves the book industry fraternity and helps in building an exclusive knowledge-based society through progressive publishing trend, wide knowledge exposure and strategic partnership with ASEAN and global community via books, whether printed or digital (e-book).
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
With its registered office in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the foundation is now leading the charge in the setting up of an entity known as Global Content Exchange, a one stop global centre which will unite writers and publishers around the world sharing their ideas, visions and information about the global publishing trend. The following table shows the summary objectives and initiatives which have been taken by the foundation since its inception in the year 2000.
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
National Book Development Foundation main responsibilities are as follows
1.   To annually organize education based knowledge –based programs which includes;
1.1.   National Book Award
1.2.   ASEAN Book Award
1.3.   Book Ekspo Malaysia
1.4.  Book Ekspo ASEAN
1.5.  ASEAN Book Forum
1.6.   International Book Conference
1.7.   Telenovela Awards
2.    Develop the Malaysian Book Academy and ASEAN Book Academy to facilitate in publication-related trainings for writers, editors, layout designers, programmers ect. Through professional writing courses and workshops, editorial skills enhancement program and advance technology exposure for DTP artist and layout designers.
3.     Develop YPBNBookTV (IPTV & Radio) broadcasting studios.
4.     Publish fiction & non-fiction books and encyclopedias.

The operational expenditure projection for the foundation to carry out the planned.
YPBN Investor's Executive Summary,
4th Foor, Menara Safuan, 80, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.
Tel: +603 2687 9200 Fax: +603 2078 6101

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